The word "image" appears in my post title?

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    When my post was published today, the word, “Image” appears just above the title of my post.
    It’s even clickable, like an image.

    When I created the post last night to preview it, it wasn’t there. It only appeared after it was published.
    I even created an entirely new post today but it happened again.

    I’ve Googled this problem and checked around the Support forums but I haven’t seen anyone else ask about this yet.
    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is


    Did you somehow set it as an Image Post Format?


    Nope. It’s in standard.



    i see this >
    Tagged for Staff assistance. Please subscribe so you are notified.


    Thanks timethief, I am subscribed. Thanks notawoodpecker.

    This isn’t a earth shattering issue but I guess it would be nice to understand it.



    Hi there Mama Bear,

    That’s a great observation! So it looks like in Bueno (and possibly other themes) that if your post is only an image with no additional text, it will automatically change the post format from Standard to Image. That’s where the “IMAGE” comes from above the title.

    Does that help?


    Yes it does help. Helps make me feel less crazy! Thank you.

    I went back to a previous post I’d done back on Dec 14 ( that is just an image and it now too has the word “Image” above the title.

    I know for a fact that it didn’t back when I posted it.
    Thanks again!


    Tonight, after looking back on my blog at all my posts with just a picture but no additional text, they all now seemed to have the word, “Image”, in the title. They did not before.

    My Format is normally set to “Standard” but these particular posts were all set to “Image”.
    I find it interesting that when Notawoodpecker asked about my Format two days ago and I checked, it was set to Standard…

    Anyway, I was able to click on Standard, Update the post, and the word, “Image”, disappeared from the title.

    Thank again everyone!



    Thank you, too, for following-up with your discoveries! I’m sure it will be helpful to other users searching with a similar question :)

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