The WordPress adds there is including going to increase?

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    I have a WordPress blog and today I saw words underlined even in the description of the content advertising windows that open.
    There are also advertising at the top and bottom of posts.
    I am grateful for els ervice offering but the theme of my blog is seriously impaired by these problems.
    I would appreciate if I should say this is a solution because I have over 180,000 on my blog and I need to make a decision because this ad is really annoying for my readers.
    The theme of my blog is food and nutrition and announcements about casinos, etc, etc.. besides confuse with underlined words, to me does not seem right.
    Among all do internet

    I hope you can help me in some way because I like wordpress, but I can not afford to pay me to spread freely, so I removed the ads.
    I am very grateful for your attention
    My blog address is:

    Marina Muñoz Cervera

    The blog I need help with is



    Those are not ads. That is malware on your browser, so I advise you to disable all your browser add-ons and extensions, re-enabling them one by one till you find which one it is that puts these ads on your browser.

    Rest assured that NONE of your readers see those ads unless they have the same malware installed. And congratulations on your hits.



    Thank you very much regret the inconvenience. A malwere came into

    Thank you very much regret the inconvenience. A malwere came into
    my computer with a Chrome browser update and so looked like the
    blog and then all websites.

    I at once wrote to google webmaster and they told me what the problem was.

    Grateful for your attention
    Best Regards
    Marina Muñoz

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