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The WordPress Community is Just Awesome

  1. I know this forums is for showcasing, but I think it would be the best place to put this post. I was just commenting on a post here in the forums, and I placed how awesome the community here is. And I realized that I should let everyone know about that. Because I have met a lot of wonderful bloggers with their own unique personalities that we can all experience through their posts.

    Thanks Everyone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In my very short time here, I've met such great and well mannered people here. I was so suprised at how positive the WordPress Community really is! (I'm usually goto a lot of gaming forums and spend a lot of time playing online games which are all full of trash talkers, rude people, and spoiled kids.)

    I'm very glad I joined WordPress, and I expect to be around for quite some time. ;)

  3. i hope you both enjoy your time here as i have the short time i have had this blog, but i'm here a long time with my other blog :)

  4. I'm so glad I joined this community. I've found some really interesting blogs to read, and I finally have motivation to write.

    It's just a great place to meet other people with similar interests! :)

  5. I agree, the WP community is a friendly bunch :)

  6. Except me. I'm a bitch.

  7. @raincoaster Lol!

    It's the greatest.

  8. Especially compared to the immature community of tumblr (for the most part)

  9. What a great idea to post this here! WordPress is awesome because we the people make it so. Im glad I have met all of you guys.

  10. I've got a warm and fuzzy feeling taking over me. Let's all hold hands.

    Seriously though, it does make a change to take part in a forum free from, puerile humour, idiotic insults and one-sided uneducated arguments.

    But if you want any of those, please do visit my blog...

  11. No, Raincoaster, you're just lousy at housework!!! (Only quoting the lady herself!)

  12. It is a great place. I must like it, I'm still here! :))

  13. When I started my blog I had no idea that there was such a community spirit here. It makes me really glad that I chose WP.

  14. @alifebewhiskered, not another blog abut cat's :) what we need now is a Vet's blog and a Boarding Cattery blog :)

  15. Yes, another cat blog! But, like both 4Cats and CatSelf have done, I've tried to do something a little bit different. Not just, 'look at my cats, aren't they cute' (though they are!) or those 'i is cat an i likes mowsees' style of blog (damn the LOL cats - why does everyone think cats have bad grammar?).

  16. I agree I am 19, I am new here I have only been here a few days and it brings me joy to be on here, hardly anyone is mean to each other and we give each other our own point of views its really interesting,

  17. @hopeortiz, but we pensioner's can be mean at time's :)

    btw, i like the back ground

  18. Thanks :) I dont mind when others tell me what I can do better. I need that because I want to be a writer so when people correct me it helps me instead of making me upset.

  19. There are some good writer's here, i'm just not :)

  20. @lifebewiskered You are right after my own heart then. I completely and totaly agree with you. bad cat grammer is SO not funny and its hard to read.

    @dribblingpennsioner shushshhhhh You just hit on the real reason I first started a cat blog. a Cattery is in my plans for the future. Though Im starting to think it be financialy dumb not to include dogs as well.

    Happy Blogging Everyone!

  21. @lifewith4cats, you must include dog's what else will they have to chase while they are in there

  22. Thank you everyone for eveything you have said. This just proves the point of the thread. haha :)

  23. Its quite friendly and helping, even when you make stupid requests.
    that's really nice.

  24. @gaztopian, stupid request's are often the best one's :)

  25. @dribblingpensioner oh rly? :P

  26. I like to getting to meet new people, and talk about different topics alot of kids my age dont like to but I do.

  27. Yes!

    WordPress Community absolutely rocks!

    With such varied talent and voice, there is a meeting place here for any need, and any being.

    Keep up the intrest,
    Death to the


    J. D. Hughes

  28. I've been to some of the members' blog pages and it's amazing how a virtual page could say a lot about the person who owns it. What I love about WordPress, as well as other blogs, is that it allows people to put their thoughts into words and share it to the world - then finding out that there are other people who share their perspectives.

    I don't usually leave comments, because most of the time I prefer anonymity, but I do track those bloggers that interests me - and they're pretty much the whole WordPress community. :O

    Have fun blogging everyone. :)

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