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The wordpress front/settings page doesn't work right

  1. WordPress settings/front page doesn't work. This is the page I mean -!/settings/

    On my account, the page that has the "new post", "reader", "notifications", "stats" "my blog", etc at the top doesn't work right. If I click on any of these(new post, my blog, etc), nothing happens. Also, there is a large white rectangle underneath all these buttons, which I believe is supposed to display some information, like the blogs I follow. It is always blank. The links(store, themes, etc) at the bottom of the screen work fine(which is how I got here).

    Otherwise, I am able to blog with little difficulty. Another related issue is my inability to comment on other blogs using my current ID. Very new to wordpress here, thanks.

    I use a Linux PC if that matters.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use Firefox.

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