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the WP address

  1. Hello

    My WP was seen by some bloggers, I wonder how I could see what those WPs is
    I know the use of Stats tab but it just show the country not the WP address, even it was viewed from a WP

    Thanks for answer

  2. You cannot access the individual identities of people visiting your blog. What you can do is invite people to subscribe to your blog, and if you have Facebook, you can have them follow you there as well. That way you can begin to network and build a community of people who like what you do, and maybe share links and resources, or even post on each others' sites.

  3. Oh, I really don't want to access any blogs aren't mine,

    I just want to see who those bloggers were because I want to see theirs too

  4. The only way you can do that is if they Subscribe or if they leave a comment.

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