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    Last year WordPress release some statistics and sent to bloggers. I am wondering if they repeated it this year, or the idea was dropped.

    just curious… (if this is not the appropriate venue to ask this question, I apologize)

    The blog I need help with is


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    I don’t know if this will work, but it’s worth a try:

    (also check your spam files: one of my blogs ended up there…)



    Hi tess I’ve suggested this to a number of people here but none of them could see the report. Instead this takes them all to “page not found”.
    Conclusion: To view this page you should have/received the mail.



    Also I’ve the annual report link at the top of my stats page as “Fireworks you created” See it’s there on your one too?



    I don’t have the “Fireworks” link, and didn’t receive any email this year (sniff… sniff….)

    Oh, well – maybe one cannot get that lucky two years in a row (I refuse to believe that I am a worthless blogger! ;-)

    I guess it pretty much means, no email, no annual tap on the back!

    thanks, Tess & iphonist



    Hello there,
    Searching the forum produced this information in several threads which were previously posted on this same issue. Like last year only some bloggers were included and only some of their blogs were included.

    For those who may post to this thread:
    If you find any discrepancies in the annual report and yours is a self hosted install with JetPack post a JetPack support ticket.

    If you did receive an annual report (not all did and not all received them for all their blogs), and if you find any discrepancies in the annual report on a free hosted blog then post a support ticket for Staff.


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    a worthless blogger!

    ((( ♥Certainly not your blog! ♥ )))

    Why is your username no longer linked to your blog? You are also marked as “inactive” here in the forums: contact staff so they can fix that.


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    huh??? now you are marked as a member again, with a link to your blog.
    Nevermind, it seems strange things are going on behind the scenes…



    You are also marked as “inactive”

    @1tess: Happens all the time unfortunately.



    A note to those that did not get the fancy year end report – how about doing one of your own??

    Thank your viewers for another year, put in page views if you want and the number of Posts you published. Maybe note that you have moved up to the 14,500,000 most popular blog on the internet or what ever.

    Nothing stopping you and a personal note to your visitors seems to me a nice touch.


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    Yes, I know. But usually even then, if I refresh a couple of times that stops. Seems the “active” / “inactive” quirk is getting worse rather than better?

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