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The Yes and No game

  1. taylorcommunications

    Actually yes. Gummi bears this morning.

    Rock or country?

  2. country!

    butterfly or bird

  3. oh my. taylor communications totally tricked me. wrong forum yo!

    did you catch that?

  4. Yes. :)

    Do you loud people outside your window right now?

  5. not exactly now, but a lot of the time. my neighbors are rowdy

    have you heard the song My First Kiss by 3OH!3 ft Ke$ha?

  6. No. I don't like either of those seperately so I wouldn't bother to check out a song featuring both of them.

    Do you think someone being ugly inside makes them ugly on the outside, too?

  7. unfortunately, no. It'd be nice if it worked that way though.

    Do you regret that?

  8. Not really, no. Because don't you agree that...

    ...easy and nice is often overrated in life?

  9. depends. some things, like sleeping, are both easy and nice. but they are definitely not overrated!

    do you think books are going to disappear in the next decade?

  10. taylorcommunications

    I hope not. But I have a feeling yes. I think phyiscal books will disappear, and everything will be electronic. Ugh.

    Do you think kids have too much training in technology at too early of an age?

  11. yes.

    are you thinking about food?

  12. Sure am. Can't wait to go grocery shopping.

    Do you like to travel?

  13. yup. planning a permanant trip to Kansas after high school. if everything works out, that is. already making plans.

  14. oops. forgot my question. was anyone else super upset when heroes was cancelled?

  15. NO

    NCIS would you kick Gibbs out of bed for doing naughty noisys?

  16. What? Haha. I don’t know who those people are.
    Would you ever go skydiving and pretend you had wings?

  17. YES!! If I am going to chuck myself out a plane I might as well make the most of it :D

    have you ever been sunburnt?

  18. yes! soo many times

    are you excited for this summer?!

  19. mindlessrambler


    Am I the only one craving chocolate right now?

  20. Yes!
    Isn't it a beautiful day??

  21. it's night, so no :)

    are you religious?

  22. proud catholic right here :D

    are you a fan of rollercoasters?

  23. YES!!
    fan of tuna salad?

  24. TOTALLY! i could go forever with it.

    would you swim with a group of dolphins>?

  25. YES! i want to soooo bad :D

    do you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day?

  26. YES! i want to soooo bad :D

    do you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day?

  27. Nope. I should but instead I only brush in the morning.
    Do you hate construction work?

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