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TheBlueSock: The life and adventures of a university graduate.

  1. bothfeetcynthia

    After dabbling in all sorts of (unsuccessful) ideas that I have had for blogs, I finally came to the conclusion that the most useful and entertaining writing I can provide the world will be about my experiences - particularly successes, failures, lessons learned and how I reached them on the path to "finding myself."

    Expect to find stories and helpful hints on everything from creating a stellar resume to creating your own fun, from following your dreams to following a recipe. I aim to entertain and inspire, and provide a great read for both people who have recently graduated, like me, and for people who graduated years ago, or didn't graduate at all!

    Please subscribe, I promise it will be worth it!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. bothfeetcynthia

    Good morning!

    Sometimes doing the thing that is right for you is so hard, but so incredibly worth it.

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