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    I just found out that someone was able to copy and print some of my pictures from my blog to an 8×10 with no problems, it was clear and sharp. I don’t re-size before, I just click the icon, go to the file, click on a picture, it crunches, I choose Full Size (655 x 982) center, then insert into post. Sorry, new to blogging, but I like the large photos.
    I tried to upload some of my re-sized (640w X 480h) They were smaller and blurry or pixely. (I deleted them.)
    I am now going to watermark them, but do you have any size suggestions that would help me? And, do I need to re-size them BEFORE I upload them to WP, or are your size options all I need to choose from?
    Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is


    Anything you do not want people to copy, don’t put on the web. Virtually any “silver bullet” out there can be gotten around.

    When preparing images for the web, always optimize them for the web at 72dpi and never upload the original full-sized image. I limit my images to 600px in width and at 72 dpi, they cannot enlarge it and have it look clear and sharp.

    I take images down in size all the time using Photoshop using the bicubic sharper setting which is best for reductions, and then I do a “save for web & devices” and that is the image I upload.


    The pictures are too big. Normally 450 pixels wide chosen in your WordPress editor is the best option. Then when someone clicks that image, the full size 655 pixels wide will show.

    You should also lower the post count to maybe five posts per page. Because your blog is mostly pictures, too many pictures on the main page will slow down someone’s computer because it’s sucking the bandwidth. And that will be dreadful for anyone with dial-up. They’ll leave your blog if they can’t access the page.

    Are the pictures taken by you? Is the blog taking your pictures also a WordPress.COM blog?

    You can file a DMCA complaint.


    Oh sorry.. ^^


    As for your last question, resize before uploading, as thesacredpath says, because images resized by the wp uploader lose some color and sharpness.

    (And it’s not “our” size options: we’re fellow bloggers volunteering, not staff.)



    Actually I saw this workaround where if some one copied your pic they would end up with a blank pic on their computer here is the article link



    which is great as long as you don’t link the image to open separately (link to image/attachment page).


    Thanks everyone!
    I’m going to follow all the good advice you all gave.
    Happy blogging!



    it’s really great if the person in question cannot hit Ctr+U



    The technique t3ck is pointing to is definitely not infallible, but it is helpful, at some degree, if the person is not web/css savvy. For the savvy one, it just adds one more step of inconvenience. For sure it is more helpful that just disabling right-clicks where you can always drag the image and drop it onto your desktop or wherever you want to save it to.

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