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    Would it be possible to add some more themes to I have a free blog there, which I don’t wanna move somewhere else, as it has constant readers and it’s register in many places, but the selection of themes is far from being satisfactory. Or an option would be to allow us to add new one.

    Maybe something for booklovers? With three colums, left-main-right? ;) Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi! We’re always working on adding more themes to We have 100 now but won’t be stopping there. :)

    Are there any specific themes you would like to see added?



    Personally, I’m writing book reviews, so I’m missing a nice theme related with books ;)

    Maybe something like this:

    This one is pretty awesome :)

    Thanks in advance! If I’ll find a perfect one – I’ll link it here :)



    Sorry to be a cynic here, but I looked at all of them and the first two can be done now at WordPress.COM, all you need to do is get a graphic for the header that has a book theme, unless I really missed something all you need is the graphic. Find a Graphic Artist for your new header and you are good to go.

    The only one that might be difficult to do a similar effect is the last one that has a background that looks like a book (yes it has some other stuff with the placement of the Posts) but several Themes have the ability to add a background – might be able to add a blank book page for the background.

    Changing the header graphic and background color can do wonders to personalize the look.

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