Theme 2010: pages in widget list, but, not header

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    I’m using the 2010 theme and would like to have pages appear in the side column only using the pages widge, but, not as a button or part of a drop down associated with a button below the header. Figure I can do something with the custom menu bar if I’m willing to use posts instead of pages, but would like to use pages.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not entirely sure I understood what it is that you want to do. Since your blog is private, I can’t see it.

    Do you want to eliminate the navbar at the top? You can do so by creating a Custom menu, leaving it blank (i.e. not add anything to it) and then setting it as the Primary navigation under the Theme Locations.

    Pages are for static content (like an “About” page), not dynamic content such as blog entries. Are you wanting to have your Categories appear as “Pages”? If so, you should read this entry by Panos and then add another Custom menu, give it a different name than the one you used for the Primary navigation (such as “widget”, and after you’ve saved it, use it in the Custom Menu widget in the sidebar.

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