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Theme 2014 Tag and Posts Help

  1. I basically need help on two topics, first one is regarding Tags : I have used the TAG widget on footer of my blog but I am unable to see any tags there. How can I make tags visible there?

    Secondly on main page of my blog, I am unable to see my posts. I want
    to show just a glimpse of 5-6 lines of each post followed by a "read more" option which takes readers on the actual page. Any help will be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I do see the Tags widget in the right hand in the sidebar of your blog.

    The setting here > Settings > Reading is only for the RSS Feed summary and does not affect the posts.

    If you want to display only excerpts on the front page of the blog followed by read more links, you can insert "the more tag" into each post prior to publication.

    Alternatively, you can switch to using a theme that automatically displays front page excerpts. This is a list of active themes on that use the excerpt instead of full post content. Here are the themes that do provide that feature >

  3. Thanks a lot, that helped a lot. I was able to solve both the issues but now I have another problem. I am not able to see any posts on the main page of my blog, somehow I changed the setting and now my main page post below the 6 featured posts are blank. How can I get my posts back on main page i.e below the 6 featured images?

  4. If you make every post a featured post then there will be no posts displaying there. Isthat what you have done? Featured posts are meant to be few in number.They are not meant to be every post published in the blog.

  5. I currently have only 6 posts and all are featured posts. Previously I was able to see only one post below the 6 featured posts.

    This is how i want my front page to look like: below the 6 featured posts I want to show all posts in excerpts format or as per the theme of 2014 I want to show all posts as shown on this theme

    Any guidance for doing that please. Thanks in advance.

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