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    PANIC MODE!!!!!! I was exploring themes for a different blog and activated one to try it out and changed my six-month old blog to that theme without knowing or meaning to. Now I can find my old blog with its Widgets and custom colors, etc! Does WordPress back up the blogs? WHAT DO I DO? The thought of having to recreate all that work has my stomach in knots.

    The blog I need help with is



    You go here Dashboard > Themes > Appearnce and type in the name of your former theme into the searchbox. Then when the thumbnail image appears you click the “activate link”. Next you go to > Apearance > Themes and drag any widgets in the “Inactive Widgets” box that you used previously out of it and drop them into the sidebars and/or footer areas where you want them to display. Open each widegt and click “save” and “close”.


    Thank you!!! RESOLVED! Whew!!



    You’re welcome and not to worry, as no matter how many times you change themes no data is ever lost and all media is still in your Media Library. You may have to install some widgets form the Inactive Widgets box and resize some images but changing themes is not a big deal in most cases. Happy blogging!

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