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    My theme (Dusk to Dawn) doesn’t do well with infinite scroll. Even if I disable it, the reader can add new posts–but instead of loading a new page, they load at the bottom which is what screws up eventually. Add enough posts and the background changes to the orange part (Dawn), becomes hard to read, and adds random black lines through my posts.
    Is there a way to fix this, other than changing themes?
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    1) The only way to really fix this would be via CSS editing, if you had the Custom Design upgrade.
    2) Little by little, WP is adding the feature to all themes. So changing themes won’t help – except if you select one of the few unconventionally designed themes that don’t have a regular main posts page.
    3) The only other thing you can do is set a static page as your front and add the Recent Posts widget to your sidebar (maybe also move the Categories widget and the Archives widget to a higher position).

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