Theme automatically adds Border to the Image – Please help!!

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    I just want to put an image in the bottom of my blog entry. But whenever I put the image there, it automatically gets enclosed in a border that dos not match with the image. I am using the theme ‘Redoable Lite’ and I suspect this is due to the same problem.

    If there is any setting, preference, particular that would help me remove the border, and display the image just as it is, please tell!


    The blog I need help with is



    Do you mean the border in Conversation with God? Make it so that the file link is None. (you can probably just break the link in the editor but I haven’t tried that.)

    Some themes add frames to all photos, even if linked to None (Misty Look is one of them) and in those cases the frames are graphics and the CSS upgrade is needed to remove them. Your file, however, is definitely linked and if you click on the image you’ll ask yourself why is it linked to that?


    Add this to the image code after “img” (with a space before and a space after it):

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