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    Hi im dutch an 14 years old,My english is (I think) not super good.

    In theme Theron Parlin » comments, you see this:

    (The HTML code,not the X :P)

    That must be not displayed,It looks very ugly in the lay-out,so can anyone fix to this?

    Thanx! :)


    you’d have to use a different theme, most of them don’t show the tags.



    Afraid you’re also in the wrong spot. You need to be over here as we run different software than what you are running. We don’t have the Theron Parlin installed here.

    But to answer your question, you can edit the comments.php file within your theme and remove what you don’t want in there.

    hope this helps,


    @drmike – theron parlin is the author of benevolence, which is what the screenshots are of ;)



    Can’t see imageshack from here. It’s on the ban list for this school.

    Thanks though.


    Okay,so i can remove the tags self?
    But how I must to do that?



    hi! i’m french. I have just create my blog and i don’t know how to bring a video on my blog.. can you help me please..?



    Monkey, you need to be over at the other site. You’re at the wrong forums.

    Matalou, please don’t hijack other folk’s threads. It’s not cool. Also please see the FAQ at the head of these forums as your questions has already been covered and links are provided.


    Please,I just want a answer…I have already post it



    Monkey. We use shared themes.

    What you see is put there by the theme. We cannot change it.

    If you want to get rid of it, change the theme.



    And I gave you an answer a couple posts up anyway. (ie edit the comments.php file in your theme)

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