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Theme bug

  1. I just found my selected theme "COnnections" is messed up. The Image header is not working. When I went to Image header in Presentation, Only the blog title is displayed and no image.

    Also, The snap live is not working in my home page template. Please help

  2. please submit feedback from your dashboard. these are things that only the staff can fix.

  3. A quick look at your page source shows the Snap code is not loading. Please check at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Extras to make sure you have this activated. It should be putting javascript within your header and it's not there.

    And you've gone ahead and changed your theme so I can't help with the other issue.

  4. Thanks for the reply. I just was checking out how it is with other themes. I'm comfortable with the earlier theme only. Snap preview is in active state only. Might be the issue is with javascript I believe like you said. I'll check it out.

  5. I checked the theme if function in a different workstation. It is the same. Could You suggest some steps how to check on this if I have to validate whether problem is at my end

  6. The snap preview is still not functioning. The snap extra is in active state only. Moreover, when I tried with a different theme even then it is not functioning. These two problems have just arised for me. They were fine 1/2 hour back till.

  7. I'm still having this problem of snap and connections theme malfunction. Please help

  8. sunburntkamel said: "please submit feedback from your dashboard. these are things that only the staff can fix."

    Volunteers on the forum, including drmike do not have back-end access to blogs, only staff do. The problem you are having sounds like it needs staff to "fix" it from the backend. Here's how to do that: on the top right hand corner of any blog page you will find a feedback button. Click it and it will open a pane where you can explain all the details about your problem to staff.

    You have made four entries above "bumping" your own post to the top of the forum each time. Maybe you didn't know that all of us answering questions here are your fellow bloggers and it would be nice if you would choose to wait patiently for one of us to answer you when it's your turn to be answered.

    Best wishes.

  9. Yes of course I did. Like you said,I thought forum 'support' is supported by WordPress staff. Its no surprise that I don't know because I'm still a new born baby to wordpress, a week ago. Trying to digest the do's and dont's. When I first put the issue, It was told to me that my explorer javascript wasn't working fine. However, I'm damn sure its not at my end but something at wordpress causing the problem. I did report in feedback. however, I wasn't sure of the lead time for response through feedback (Fortunately, A gr8 customer service from WP immediately responding to my issue through E-mail support). So, I just wanted to bump my own entries so that someone might look at it. Anyways Thanks for your wonderful suggestions. I observed you are doing a tremendous service to this forum. Good going!

  10. I'm going to offer you some basic beginner resources.

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    Thanks for your kind words. They are much appreciated. :)

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