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    I’ve been looking at my blog recently and I want to change my theme, but every time I try to change my theme, there’s never a right theme. Blogger (google’s blogging service) and tumblr both have great theme builders, which were not only easy to use, but completely customizable. I really liked the idea of choosing how everything on my blog should appear. My fully customized tumblr is

    I know wordpress always seems to be releasing new themes, but honestly, I’d rather build my own theme than be dissatisfied in some way with all the themes here on wordpress.


    The blog I need help with is



    Right after the Themes Showcase was announced in the official community blog here. > I discovered a 5 second survey on my dashboard asking if I was willing to purchase a theme. Is that what you are proposing?


    No, go to and click try the template designer, from there, you can change pretty much anything on your blog, including text font and color, column width, page layout, box colors, background colors and pretty much anything else.



    Many Themes have the ability to change background colors, and other items – several of the recent Themes have the ability to change the look of them by just clicking on different options. Several have many places you can put Widgets, not just on the side of the site.


    The main problem here is that this is a multi-user environment which means we all share the same underlying files. That means security must be a much higher priority here. Many of the “oh wow, look at this fancy custom on this blogger blog” have huge amounts of validation errors. I’ve found customize hand built themes over there with over 1000 validation errors (with the record being 2400 and change). Blogger’s base structure is different than it is here.

    The thing is, with the new toolbox theme here, what you can do with that theme is virtually unlimited. It supports virtually all of CSS3. All it takes is CSS knowledge and your creativity.

    What I’m saying is that there are options here to have a completely custom theme. And before this comment comes up, yes the CSS upgrade here costs money, but you have to remember that Blogger has a sugar daddy, Google, and Blogger just piggy backs onto the Google servers that already exist. It costs Google absolutely nothing extra for servers or datacenters or bandwidth. WordPress.COM has to pay for all of that themselves.



    I agree there should be a way to fully customize and build a full fledged blog jsut by adding what you need, here its seems one theme you can add a own header, but then you cant do this or that, cant fully customize and get a proper unique theme that you just upload or add what you need.

    Heck all the stuff is there and we don’t even have to know how to do css or html jst add gfx choose your features and build, I would pay up to £10 to get all the options available to me irrespective if I had to provide graphics.own gfx.

    Just gibe us a choice of layouts and leave the rest to us.

    Confluence theme builder, there you go have a name for free.


    This is a multi-user platform which means we cannot edit the underlying theme and wordpress files since we all share them. Secondly, all wordpress themes are written in PHP script and few bloggers have any experience with PHP at all, and PHP script is so powerful that you can open up security holes large enough to float the Titanic through sideways if you do not know what you are doing, and any hole opened up by one blogger could potentially bring down the entire system.

    Fully editing themes here is pretty much a zero possibility within the foreseeable future.

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