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Theme change shy or inflexible?

  1. I have come to the resigned feeling that I'm not as open to changing my theme as I am led to believe. In the past 4 months, I tried changing my theme to 2 different themes.

    But got so frustrated trying to fix the text bumps and manouevres, that I just switched to my existing theme. It is really lack of enough time to make the switch and then do the fixing up so the pictures look straight on the wall, so to speak, text is straightened just like so, etc.

    I shouldn't flog myself since I do look write for 4 blogs, look after 3 blogs and they are each different. But still, when new themes get released.....

    Am I the only stick in the mud here, incapable of changing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hardly. MOST people don't change. Newer bloggers tend to change more. What I'd suggest for you, as I'm familiar with your blogs, is to register a private blog, import all your contents into it, and play with themes there. It'll duplicate your public blog and you can see how much work it is to fiddle with to get it perfect.

    I had the CSS upgrade for three years, and in all the time I've been here I've only had three themes on my main blog: Dusk, Sandbox and Koi.

  3. @maidiebike

    I agre that the newer blogers who have less content feel less invested in a theme and are more likely to change. That beeing said I have changed the theme on my bloggingtips blog numerous times. What raincoaster said about a mirror goes for me too. When I changed I fif that after setting up a mirror blog for testing purposes.

    The benefit of having such a test blog or mirror blog is you will feel no sense of urgency or concern when testing other themes and items because your readers will still be viewing the main site. After testing you can switch to your main blog, select the theme you have tested, click the “activate” button, and reinstall widgets in moments.

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