theme changed on it's own, how did that happen?

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    Do you know if there is a reason that my website changed it’s theme on me? i just went back to it – haven’t been there in a month or so and it has a different theme – to my surprise!
    I am not sure which theme i finally chose to get it to revert back to. – Strange, huh?

    The blog I need help with is


    That should not happen. Note that anyone with Administrator rights on the blog does have access to change the theme. I checked your blog and I see you have another user with those rights. You should ask them if they changed the theme. It’s possible they changed it or even changed it by mistake somehow.


    Looks like the theme you were using before Zoren was Ascetica.


    Thank you for tracking down the previous theme. I’m guessing you are right that it was changed accidentally.


    I have just emailed in for help, but perhaps someone on here might be able to help me please? I was looking at themes for a new blog and saw lovebirds, which looked nice. I downloaded it but then couldn’t open it, so I pressed ‘activate’. To my horror my current blog theme changed to lovebirds and I can’t see how to restore the previous theme? Please can anyone help me? I would need an explanation in very plain and easy instructions please. I’m blog challenged!! Thank you. And if anyone can suggest a theme for my new blog, with a lot of white space and which is VERY easy to use, I would be so grateful!



    You can restore the previous theme by remembering the theme’s name, finding it in the Themes Page of the dashboard, and hitting Activate.

    If you just want to see what your blog would look like with any given theme, just click Preview, not Activate.


    Thank you raincoaster. The challenge is……. I can’t remember the theme’s name :-( It’s an absolute nightmare….. but your tip is really helpful, thank you.



    I went to Google search. I typed in your URL. I got the results and clicked cache. You were using Misty Look. It is a retired theme and themes are retired when they no longer support all WordPress features.


    Thank you so much, timethief! You are an absolute genius!!! I found it in the free themes, and clicked on it (Preview!!!) and then pressed activate – if it’s retired, I don’t know whether that will work or not, but it looked ok on the screen. I can’t thank you enough!!!!! :-D
    Now I just have to find a simple one for my additional blog! ;-)



    You’re welcome.

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