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theme changed without my knowledge

  1. the theme (colors, tab positions, general appearance) of my blog has changed without my knowledge. I have cleared cache and cookies, in fact everything that can be cleared using the tools->options in mozilla firefox.
    Could you please suggest how i could get back to what I had.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which blog and which theme are your referring to?
    I am seeing the very old Kubrick theme on this blog and it's displaying as it always has displayed.

  3. P.S. Suddenly your header image which was not there when I first viewed that blog has appeared.

  4. Thanks for replying.
    Yes, it is the Kubric theme. (Thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten the name of theme!) But it does not appear like it used to. The first page after logging in is different.
    However, things are familiar when i get to the page:

    But I can continue with blogging. It is not stopping me from blogging.
    Thanks for your time. Sorry,, if i have been bothersome.

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