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Theme changed without permission

  1. Will we be able to get Vostok back or is it gone forever already?

  2. Same with me too

  3. I fixed it! Go to the Vostock theme and click on LIVE PREVIEW an then when it gives you the preview, click SAVE AND ACTIVATE. It worked!

  4. Also, I emptied the cache, but that didn't fix it, the preview etc did, but maybe it needs the empty cache to be able to view as well.

  5. ronablackphotography

    (I'd tried that originally, but it went back to Twenty Ten. Something must have changed in the interim.)

  6. Thanks for telling me about this thread Timethief, as you're aware mine disappeared too but suddenly returned, hope it doesn't disappear altogether as this is my University work and I need to submit it for adjudication.

  7. Ok I fixed it! Thanks @mythhonora

  8. mariannewindham

    Yup. that worked for me too, thanks. I guess they're working on it - support, any updates?

  9. jeffnguyeneckert

    Vostok is back up and working for me but I lost some of my settings, widgets. I hope we get an explanation from WP support.

  10. There are no updates from Staff and we Volunteers haven't clue what's going on.

  11. yay! mine works again. thanks so much!

  12. Vostok has reappeared and previously it was displaying Twenty Ten > Check the official Vostok demo: I assume that means Themes Staff did something that created this issue.

  13. wahoo! it works!

  14. Like @jneckert, my widgets, etc. were thrown for a whirl, but at least the theme is back.

  15. jeffnguyeneckert

    @lmdl09, Go to Dashboard>Widgets and at the bottom of the screen you can drag inactive widgets back to Left or Right Footer Widget Area. Your settings should be restored, it was stressful until I figured this out. Good luck,

  16. Sorry for not catching this sooner! I've just found this issue in the forums, so I researched it a bit more and found that it has already been fixed. Whew!

    It looks like the theme switch happened because of a mistake while trying to migrate the location of the theme on our servers. Apologies for any troubles!

  17. Hi everyone—very sorry about the outage with Vostok. It was my fault. :(

    The situation is now fixed, and we're running a fixer tool to put all the affected sites back to normal. However, if you don't want to wait for that just head in your Dashboard to Appearance → Themes and activate Vostok again.

    Note: Settings and customizations were not affected by this, just the theme location.

  18. jeffnguyeneckert

    Thanks for the explanation of the glitch, glad that Vostok has been restored.

  19. hopelessatfixingtherain


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