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    I wanted to change my theme. Will changing my theme will affect it’s contents?
    My current theme is FADTASTIC and I wanted it be changed to SAPPHIRE.
    I am afraid I will loose all the things in my widgets once I change the them to SAPPHIRE.

    Please help. Thanks!



    Please help


    I changed themes last night and lost the contents of my text widget. But I had another window open and only had two things in that widget. Just keep a window open to your main page. A few of the widgets might get misplaced and you just have to add them back on. That’s usually normal.



    How do I keep a window open on my main page?


    On Firefox and IE, click File at the top of your browser toolbar. Opening a new window will open it into a new window while opening a new page is in the same window but just a new page. You can have have as many opened. It’s for if you are multi-tasking and doing many different jobs at different locations at the same time. Like posting here and emailing someone and searching on Google and editing your blog.


    You can also right click your mouse on Save Page As and save the main page of your blog. Then you can go to any image uploader like Don’t upload anything but right click Open and there your page is as when you left it before.


    Or try opening a new window where you are editing everything with the widgets all there. Never thought of that until now. Then go back into the dashboard in a new window and change what you want. Would also be good to have also another window open to your main page.



    or you can click in Firefox and IE7 file new tab

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