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    I am using Inuit Types theme as a free download. i am totally new to this. The theme does not look the same for my wp as it does in the picture. i am used to which is drop and drag. i would like the theme to look exactly the same as the download image, what do i or what am i doing wrong. thank you, vmk

    The blog I need help with is



    On this forum we provide support ONLY to those who have free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM. The version we have of the theme you point to here at wordpress.COM is not the same as the wordpress.ORG version(s) note that there are more than one wordpress.ORG versions of the theme. We cannot help you here at all. We do not provide VOX support. You will have to contact the theme designer directly for support.



    DARN! I’m sorry. I just clicked your username and discovered you were referring to a wordpress.COM blog after all. The only themes we can use are found here > Appearnce > Themes There is no FTP access to wordpress.COM blogs and we cannot upload theme, plugins or anything else at all into theme. This article will clarify things for you >

    I use the wordpress.COM version of Inuit Types theme on the blog linked to my username. I have a free version of the theme for wordpress.ORG installs but do not use it. I do use a paid version of the theme on my wordpress.ORG install. They are all very different from one another.



    Hi There!

    Are you speaking of the theme for this blog URL → ?



    Hi Slik,
    I think I dropped the ball and then picked it up again. lol :)

    P.S. I know this theme in it’s multiple versions very well and so does thesacredpath.




    Themes here at may look a little different because the theme Staff hack at the themes so they can fit the security guide lines since is a multi user platform which in result could make the theme not have certain features that the WordPress.ORG version has….



    No Problem I am guilty of that also at times lol… = )



    Themes here at may look a little different because the theme Staff hack at the themes

    From reading the original post by remarkest, this sounds like it’s not a problem versus but why a standard, out-of-the-box blog using Inuit Types doesn’t look like the default theme screenshot.

    That is simply because the screenshot shows a site that has a wealth of content, and has set up the Inuit Types theme options to use features specific to that theme, like pulling Featured Images from posts that are in a certain category.

    @remarkest — It looks to me like you’re just a few steps away.

    1. Add some content to your site. Write some posts, add pages, upload images. Your site will start to look “filled out.”
    2. Read this post: — it details the features in Inuit Types and where to find them in your Dashboard (administrative panel).
    3. Ask questions.

    Once you get some content you’ll be most of the way there. Feel free to post here again and folks who also use Inuit Types can give you some more tips.

    @timethief: If you and sacredpath could post a few links to topics here on the Themes forum relating to Inuit Types, that’d probably be a big help to @remarkest. :)



    Google search string > Inuit Types
    Results >

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