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Theme colors have changed! Help!

  1. Couple nights ago all the colors of my blog (links, frames, background, lines etc) have changed from black and white to pink. And when I try to change them back the changes are not appearing to my blog. I´m using theme bueno and I have bought custom desing 5 months ago, so there is still 7 months left..

    Please, please help me, I really hate the pink appearence!

    Best Regards,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy! It looks like this was a bug on our end. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Your chosen colors should now appear instead of the theme's defaults.

  3. Thank you! All the frames of image and the background of my site is still pink, but those dots with date is showing black.

  4. Hmm, you may need to re-set the color for the "Footer Background & Borders" area in Custom Colors. Give that a try and I think the border colors and footer area will be fixed.

  5. spanglishphoto

    Help! All my font colours on the sidebar are red instead of the pink I chose and which appears in my customized css. This has happened several times in the past but it had been stable for a week and I assumed my troubles were over. I was disappointed to see it all revert to red again today. Why does this keep happening? How can it be fixed for good? This is very frustrating because, as others have noted, the CSS appears as it should, but is not matched by what shows on the page.

  6. Howdy, spanglishphoto! I'm seeing the pink color now, not red. Are you still experiencing this issue?

  7. spanglishphoto

    Thanks for you reply, sixhours. It's back to pink now and the font is right again. Was red and serif for about a week. I would love to know why this happens periodically, so I can prevent it from doing it again. I even went so far as to look into SquareSpace because this was driving me batty! :-)

  8. It's hard to say without seeing the original issue, unfortunately, but if it happens again, please create a new topic and we will see your support request faster that way. I'm going to close this thread since the original post has been resolved, but again, please don't hesitate to make a new post if it happens again. Thank you!

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