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    Hello !
    The blog does not display properly in Internet Explorer.
    The user has already cleared the Browser cache. And in Firefox it’s all OK.
    Does anyone know what to do ? Thanks by advance for your help :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh, I see right now that virginiapopescu is not the only one
    Here is another blog with the same problem :
    Could a moderator please move this thread to the theme forum, I think I ‘ve posted this on the wrong place, I’m sorry :-/



    A screen shot would help people see what is not correct. Did you make a new Post or update one when the problem started? Does the same formatting issue happen if you go to older past Posts or Pages that list earlier Posts?

    Sometimes an error with the html can cause problems when a Post is edited.

    I have seen some threads where the problem was corrected by.

    Settings >> Writing >> Check “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and make a change to recent Posts and then saving the Post – they worked back from the most recent Post to the one that had an html error in it.



    Hello, auxclass
    Thank you for your reply :)
    Here are the screenshots
    Internet Explorer
    No, it doesn’t seem to be better on the other pages or older posts
    I don’t know, for the “”WordPress should correct inested XHTML automatically” option (it’s not my blog, I’m a moderator on the french forum but I don’t know how to help, that’s why I’m here ;) but I think it would be a problem onto both of browsers, don’t you think so ? :-/


    This is definitely a theme bug I think. I’ll modlook this thread so that they can move it to the “themes” forum and hopefully one of the theme team will see it and respond.



    Another option would be to contact staff:

    They have been very good at looking at problems that sound like yours, I have seen a few threads where the Staff looked at a site and found something in the base Theme that did not behave well and corrected it in short order.

    Good Luck



    Ok. Thank you both of you.
    Well, the modlook will probably help, soon or later..
    Contact? Hum Hum.. I’ll wait a bit.. ;)
    I’ll bring these news to the fr forum.
    Thanks again! Have a nice day :)


    I would contact staff anyway, and give them a link to this thread since it has the links to the screenshots. Those will be very helpful to them.



    Oho! OK, if you think it’s better, I’ll do so. Thank you very much ;-)


    I am now getting this problem under Firefox, the same rearrangement of the pages menu vertically rather than horizontally, but it displays correctly under IE! Has this theme been fixed in the wrong direction? I can provide screenshots if necessary but I think anyone pointing both browsers at my blog ought to see it. If they don’t, that would be useful to know!



    Hello, tenthmedieval
    Here is the way I can see your blog
    The good thing, Nothing wrong in firefox
    And the bad one, Nothing better in IE


    Hi, Everybody. Thanks for reporting this issue! Everything should be resolved now with Connections—but let us know if you run into anything else that looks wonky.



    Thank you very much. It’s perfect, now =D
    (& also many thanks to Andrew ,-)
    I wish you all a great day

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