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    Hi, my name is Dave, I spend 1,5 days in searching the best theme for my blog and I could not find nothing right for me. I wanted to have something specific – good font, color, something serious but not too sad and without full content posts style on the start page like is in the Inuit Types, Origin, Oxygen etc (sory for my English) . I don’t find nothing which a I can tell I like for really, I’m really disappointed and sad for this but I have too some idea for you – to create on a simple creator for themes. Like we know is not possible to upload themes from other sites at wordpress. So create just a “graphic creator for simple configurations” I think is not so difficult and really could save much time for people like me, who desire a theme with they could call “my” that could be an expression of myself. Thank you.
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    The blog I need help with is


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    You can alter the appearance of any theme with the CSS upgrade.
    (You will need to learn some coding techniques…)
    Custom fonts are part of the design upgrade:
    Also note that many themes allow you to customize the background color or background image for free.

    …without full content posts style

    There are a number of themes with active custom excerpts which allow you to write what you want, including adding images and formatting. Here is a partial list:
    And an additional way to show custom excerpts:

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