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Theme customization

  1. I'm new in CSS and theme customization.
    I tried to make some changes with my new blog, and I can't manage to keep the footer in the bottom of my blog. the mention "Theme:Emire ..." keeps mooving with the rest of the page.
    How can I manage to keep it fixed to the bottom of my blog.
    Thank you for your help.
    Here is my blog adress :

  2. Moved to the CSS thread and a friendly reminder that we're all not moderators around here. :)

    I see it in the footer of your blog using IE 6.0.2900. Where is it winding up in your theme?

    I think Andy is monitoring this subforum and he and Sulz and Cornell seems to be the CSS gurus around here.

  3. I wouldn't say "Guru", but I know a bit. ;)

    You seem to have #footer defined twice in the CSS. The first says






    border-top:1px solid #4F5158;




    padding:3px 0;



    and the second is

    #footer {

    I suspect the two are conflicting and as the background and the border are defined in the first then you should edit them if you can rather than use the second #footer.


  4. Ah nuts, it wasn't supposed to post that! I am no expert on how plys the CSS but I believe it might use an overlay option.

    For the record, it sits at the bottom of the screen in Firefox but works (surprisingly!) in Firefox.

    It's dinner time right now, but If I get a chance I will have another look for you later.


  5. Try removing position:fixed; from div#footer. Alternatively, if you can't do that, add position: static; to div#footer.

  6. Thank you so much Salohcin !
    My blog is now as I wanted it to be.

    Thanks again !

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