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    What can I do with my theme in terms of customization besides add the widget and add my logo, I used the Sun

    For example on my theme I wanted to inch my list pages (Home, About Me, Contact Me, Downloads and Services Available) closer up to my logo so when the banner appears you can still see all my list of pages. And also I wanted to inch up my twitter posts on the right side just a little so when the banner appears you can still see the twitter updates and calendar without scrolling down. I also wanted to change the blog comment icon to something else is it possible, the black one that turns to orange? Is it something I would have to contact the designer of the theme? My theme is: Sunspot by Automattic.

    Also I am learning CSS, can I only use and save CSS in a paid blog? Or can CSS be used in a free blog?

    Thank you for any information :)

    The blog I need help with is


    All that is doable with CSS and the Custom Design upgrade.



    thesacredpath –

    Does that mean that no CSS can be done without the Custom Design Upgrade?


    You can do a little inline CSS using a style declaration in the content of posts, pages and text widgets, but to change anything related to the general theme, you need the Custom Design upgrade.

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