Theme Disappearance

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    Hi, wondering if any wordpress experts can help me…
    I’ve encountered a problem recently with a custom theme…I upgraded wordpress recently and for a few weeks everything was fine… then the theme files in wp-content/themes/[mycustomtheme] mysteriously vanished.
    I tried uploading the files again to a new theme folder with a different name, but wordpress doesn’t know it is there. In fact it does not see any of the themes in the themes folder, it only sees themes installed in the dashboard.
    Any ideas how/why this has happened all of a sudden?
    I tried uploading the theme as a zipped folder from the dashboard, but it throws an error.
    I also tried uploading the zipped folder from my host’s cpanel, but it said there was a virus?! Uploading it by FTP is possible, but WP doesn’t notice it.
    Has anyone else experienced this lately??
    Thanks a lot!

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