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Theme distortion on IE

  1. Does anyone know why the theme (Piano Black) doesn't work with Internet Explorer?
    Works fine with Chrome and Opera, but with IE it looks like the desing of the theme distort.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which version of IE are you referring to please? I'm viewing your blog using IE8 in compatibility mode and without it and cannot witness distortion. I have also viewed it in Firefox 7.0.1 and can see no distortion.

  3. Hello,
    I'm using IE8. The fails I see are:

    -The black bar at the end of the pictures do not match with the limits of the grey background
    -Also the corners on the right side of this black bar are not curves.
    -Finally all the writing and the pictures doesn't have a margin, and they all are attached at the very start of the margin.

  4. Thanks for posting again. I do see what you see today using IE8 too. I'll flag this thread so it's moved to the Themes Forum as the Themes Staff do monitor threads there and will respond to you about this.

  5. thank you very much
    hope this is fixed soon.


  6. Hi pglafoto,

    Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. I have fixed all of them except for the curved border of the black bar that you mentioned. The curved border is achieved using CSS 3 techniques that are unfortunately not supported in IE 8 (IE 9 does support the curved effect, however).

    Let us know if these fixes are working for you. :)

  7. Hello Michelle, thanks for solving this problem quickly.
    The curved borders were not my main concern as it was the layout itself.
    Now the finish look is closer to other web browsers.

  8. Glad it's working for you! I'll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved. :)

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