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  1. I downloaded a theme and uploaded to a host web. And from privacy settings disappeared the third option where it says that the blog can be visible only to the visitors I choose. Does anybody know why it disappeared and how can I have it back again?
    thank you very much for answer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is a WordPress.COM feature and you are no longer on WordPress.COM - you need to sort through the 10,000 or so Plug-in's at WordPress.ORG to find a replacement.

    Your site is not hosted on WordPress.COM, this site is for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM. You should address your questions to WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    For more on the difference:

  3. Thank you fo answer. You only know when you really do things. I did not know that a thing like this could dissapear just like that. It would be helpful to know where to look for plugins and what plugin to search for and how exactly to work with it.
    I hope I find there a handing help. Thank you for the info. Best regards!

  4. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

  5. yes. it is an old one. in the meantime I managed to find a plug in that work. is about absolute plug in. maybe this information helps someone.

    I noticed that in my blog I have many more widgets that there are for the same theme I am using while test a webhost. Is it a reason for that? Is the same theme, and the widgets are less than half. Is there an option to add a widget where it doesn't exist, like I did with the plug ins?

  6. You were asked to post the URL for the blog to which you are referring and you haven't done that. Please posit it now starting with http:// so we can be sure you are posting to the correct support forum.

    Please understand that we do NOT provide support on this wordpress.COM forum for those who have software installs from wordpress.ORG. They must post to http://wordpress.ORG/support

  7. I did not understand it was a request. It looked just like an observation. The blog is And I said that I test a blog on a web host. The same theme. With many things missing. For me is just a question, and if somebody knows something, it might be shared. Many of us have both - a blog and a site - and have a prior experience to that. Though I understand what you mean. If it is to be shared is ok. If not, the same. Thank you.

  8. There are a lot of built-in features that are added to wordpress.COM blogs that are not in the self-hosted version. Those have to be added by the self-hosted blog owner by researching and installing plugins. Even the exact same theme here is different from the self-hosted version. Themes here may have features a self-hosted theme does not, and themes here may have had features that were in the self-hosted version removed for security reasons, or whatever reason staff had for removing them.

  9. I do appreciate your involvement. I am not a specialist. I begin to understand. I thought the software is the same regardless the host. To add or to remove a widget like stats, or a setting like language setting, for me is difficult to understand when it comes about security thing. But I do understand it might be a reason to have differences.

    I do not know what kind of plug ins might be to have the language setting back, or blog subscription or stats or image widget back. Really. With all my honesty. But for sure there is an option for me. I do thank you.

  10. @testblogam

    Many of us have both - a blog and a site - and have a prior experience to that.

    Yes indeed. You see both TSP and I have self hosted wordpress.ORG installs as well as wordpress.COM free hosted blogs, and so fo other wordpress.COM Volunteers answering questions here on this forum. TSP has pointed out the software is different, the themes even those with the same names are different, the widgets are different because has widgets that are unique to this platform and not available to wordpress.ORG users, so that's why I asked for the URL for the blog in question. Best wishes with your wordpress.ORG install.

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