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    I’m doing my second blog and it’s the translation of the first one
    It is on the theme Duster and I obviously need the same theme for the translation.
    I cannot find Duster any more!!
    I tried Twenty Eleven, but unfortunately it looks VERY different and not as I want!
    How do I get Duster back on?
    Blog url:


    Duster was retired, and in its place we’ve introduced Twenty Eleven, which offers the same customization options and more. The solution would probably be to change both blogs to use Twenty Eleven.



    but I don’t want the grey layout on twenty eleven. Can i at least remove it?



    also I can’t change font color on twenty eleven which I could on Duster. Why?


    In Twenty Eleven’s theme options you can choose a color scheme and a color for your links. To change the color of fonts on regular text, you will need to change it in the post editor, for each post (as you’re doing on Duster right now) or else by using the Custom Design upgrade.



    Yeah, but some reason the color change of text is not working…..
    I’ll try again later, as this is making me crazy! How can you just remove a theme and give me all this un-needed work?!!


    The change was announced on June, 6th, on the blog.

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