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Theme Editing CSS

  1. Hello, I have seen some edited versions of the theme "Silver is The New Black" that looked cooler and I want. If someone can tell me how to EXACTLY change the colors in the theme "Silver is The New Black" it would help a lot. Here is one of the sites that edited "Silver is The New Black": Mohd222

  2. Do you have the CSS upgrade? Do you know how to use CSS? There are some great tutorials in the sticky thread at the top of the forums. Check those out and then have a go at editing your own code. If you get stuck, come back with specific questions, but be aware that there is no staff support for the CSS upgrade and very few people on the forums who are able to help you with it.

    In general, the CSS upgrade is not recommended for people who do not already know CSS.

  3. Yeah, I know CSS, but not all of it, and they also got a banner on it.

  4. Yeah, I just want a few different colors, did you see the links up there?????????
    *****mumble mumble mumble.......*****

  5. Does anyone know how to make the theme "Silver is The New Black" all greenish?
    That is all I want it would help if someone did it and sent the CSS code to:
    [Email removed - Mark]



  7. CAN SOMEONE TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What does "*headdesk*" mean?

  9. Hey Guy, add my site to the list, Im Bomber2

    How did you make it like that???? I only know a BIT of CSS.

  11. HELP, I cant find out how to do a thing with it! HELP!
    A CSS code for a green themed "Silver is the new black" theme.

  12. Yeah, I know CSS

    I cant find out how to do a thing with it!

    Notice anything?

  13. This makes your stuff GREEN (use it ONLY if you UNDERSTAND it):

    body * {color: green !important;
    background: #006400 !important;
    border: 3px solid green !important;
  14. LOL!

  15. Uhhh, god, cant make it CSS formatting, it doesn't let me use HTML in it.

  16. It makes it a piece of crap. No offense, it was too short.
    If only....

  17. CSS is not HTML, it is different. What you need to do is to study up on CSS:

  18. @guymed, did you follow deltafoxtrot's warning? He put it in capital letters specially.

  19. As far as I can see, our little waddling, beaked friend didn'tapply it.

  20. The CSS, that is.



  22. Here is what to do, look for all the hex decimal color codes in your current CSS then change it to something noticeable to see what it effects.

    When you find out what does what simply put this coding near the color code:

    /* Whatever it does */

    That will make it so there is a little message that tells you what it does that does not effect the outcome of the CSS in anyway. For example, if you have something like:

    #menu ul li {

    Then near that put /* Widget */ so you know it is for widgets.

    Now for the banner, all you have to do is look for the part in your CSS that looks like this:

    #header a {

    In between the 2 curly brackets put this:

    background-image:url('Image URL');

    And that will give you a banner.

  23. Where should I put the code?

  24. Club45 if you can't work that out, you really, really shouldn't be playing with the CSS at all. Go and look at the tutorials listed in the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

  25. All I Want To Know Is How To Get The Colors. Where Do I Go To Get The Colors.

  26. Learn more about CSS first. If you can't even find the colours I know you haven't read the recommended tutorials.

    Don't buy a car if you don't know how to drive.

  27. @dan1034: Here is where you can find hex decimal color codes (used for CSS):

    But as raincoaster said, if you don't know what color codes are then you shouldn't start tampering with your CSS. Read some tutorials first.

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