Theme editor not visible in the new 2.7 version

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    Hi there
    I want to include links to technorati, feedblitz and twitter in the side bar of my blog. I was about to do this when I hit the upgrade button – and now with the new WP2.7 version I cannot find Theme Editor. It was there in the previous button, very clearl in the Theme section – but not available now.

    Looking at support forums it seems that this has gone – and I am being swayed to signing up for CSS Upgrade. Happy to do this – but I don’t want to change the ‘style’ of the blog, I just want to add some new code into the sidebar area so that I can include these features.

    Any ideas? Is the CSS upgrade going to let me do that – simply – or not…?


    There is no “theme editor” at wordpress.COM because we cannot edit themes here. We have never been able to edit themes. Only self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG have a theme editor button. This is a modified multi-user version of wordpress and as such, we all share the same underlying files. If you made a change to a theme, then it would change it for everyone using that theme.

    “Code” cannot be added to CSS.

    To put links to those services in your sidebar all you have to do is put the HTML into a text widget in the sidebar. Do note that javascript, flash, forms and iframes are not allowed here due to security concerns.

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