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    I am looking for the Theme editor so I can edit my sidebar with some code from Google Adsense. I’m not finding it – can anyone help? I”m not sure if this is what you call “CSS Customization” or not.

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the blog.


    oh sorry, I thought it would show up. Here it is:




    Blogger-initiated paid ads of any kind are not allowed on blogs. As well, we do not have a Theme Editor here: those instructions are for blogs hosted independently, using the software from


    hmmmm…..I could have sworn I saw those kinds of ads on other blogs as I was doing my research. Thanks for your reply


    I’m trying to put my ‘about’ info on front page/sidebar. Can i upload an image or only text? alternately, is there a way to bring the ‘about’ info to the front? I’m currently testing out Vigilance.

    thank you



    You will see Adsense on blogs around occasionally, when you are not signed in, because itself runs it on our blogs from time to time.

    @womenwritingvt please do not hijack existing threads with unrelated issues. Try a search of the forum and if you cannot find an answer or existing thread on the issue, start a new thread.


    thank you for your help raincoaster!

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