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    Is it possible to request a theme for my blog? Like something that has a lot of pink colors, like pink font, and of course, it should have some shoes at background.

    The blog I need help with is


    There are many themes here that allow you go set a background color, but none that allow you to set a font color unless you have some experience with CSS and buy the CSS upgrade.

    Why not fine a wordpress theme and then suggest it to the theme team? This is a good place to start (select pink as the color): .

    Also, several themes here have different color schemes you can select, and a few of them have pink as one of the colors


    And of course there is sweet blossums, which is pink overload.


    Thanks for the reply, but is there a way that I can contact them?


    The theme team monitors the themes forum here, so just post your suggestion here in the themes forum.


    Oh okay, I wish they would make the Pretty theme theme available here at, :)


    Hello to all I am new to this however I have tried and checked all my options before coming to the forums as I thought to work it out on my own before seeking help but it did not work.

    Here is my blog address:

    My problem is this I am using the Structure Theme and the theme looks like this as I checked the theme show case:

    Problem is as follows:
    I am not getting the featured image to be placed in the Larger image section as shown in the Theme showcase. I had to use an image widget and place it where it is presently when it ought to be in that big white empty space.

    Having a big white empty space seen when persons go to my blog is not nice.

    Can someone please help me with this, thanking you in advance.


    See this post by Panos which covers the structure theme.

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