Theme: Greyzed issues – comments and non-saving of updates

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    Good day!

    I’ll go straight to the point: first i’m a newbie in blogging and no knowledge about FTP & CSS so please bear with me.
    I’m using Greyzed theme and i do have some issues:

    1. How can i make comments appear right after the post? i’ve done adding the following

    $withcomments = 1; // force comments form and comments to show on front page

    in the beginning of my post in HTML version (i don’t know how you guys call it technically). when i hit the View Changes, the comments appear after the post indeed, but when i hit the Update, it does not save the changes. I already cleaned the cached but its futile. I’m completely clueless about CSS

    2. How can i make each post appear in separate pages?

    Here’s my blog:

    As much as possible, please make your answers step-by-step and newbie-friendly please…

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is



    BTW, i don’t know how to check what version of WordPress I’m using (will appreciate if someone will tell me how) but i believe this is the latest since I just made the blog last March 17 . I’m using both Safari & Chrome as browsers (i’m using MacBook pro). Thanks!

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