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    It is our hope that the success of the Blogging Pro theme will not go unnoticed and that the fine folks at will add the theme so that users can use it as well.

    It has just been released in a Widgetized form, so adding it to the ranks shouldn’t be too difficult.

    If you enjoy this theme at all, please leave a comment showing your support.



    FWIW all themes from must be coded again to run on as the two run on different software.
    Staff have requested that all theme requested be sent to them via feedback (button on top right hand corner of any blog page) along with a link to the requested theme and with reasons for why you want the theme to be introduced. I’ll leave it to you to send in a feedback. :)


    Oh… I didn’t know that. I went ahead and followed the instructions on this page:

    Guess it’s just too old to be correct, eh? lol…



    Well, getting the support of people in the forum might also be a good idea, but you might want to go about it differently ;) lol.


    Please, if you have any suggestions at all, let me know… We didn’t want to be shrewd or make this some hidden thing. We wanted to be upfront and honest.



    No to worry. You can do both (1) post here in the ideas forum and (2) send in a feedback. This is what most people do. You may also find that if you type the name of the theme into the forum searchbox that others may have requested it too.



    @ phoenixfireball

    It is good that You showed us here in forums. I should tell you it is ‘fantastic’ in one word. The one issue that is bothering many of us is the widget pro kinda theme. This theme if supported by, I tell you I would be the first blogger to subscribe to it and many others would follow. My suggestion is just make sure you give options to change image headers , might be you’d have already thought of it. Gr8 work. I appreciate it.



    Please understand that it is up to staff to make the decision. Lots of support may or may not influence thatdecision. Also if and when a theme is introduced on it may be coded to run here without the extras that the original one coded to run on software had.



    If adopted, it’s unlikely based on past precedent that will keep the link to your designers in the footer (what with them being a commercial site and all). Since you tell users to keep the links (though I can’t see a CC licence with the download, maybe I missed it), are you sure they’re OK with that?

    To be completely honest with you, Matt makes the majority of the theme decisions, and since it seems to tick most of his boxes (blue, rounded corners, more blue) this has a decent chance of getting adopted. It doesn’t make much difference whether or not themes have widgets or custom headers (that code would probably have to be rewritten for. com anyway, and any more complex functionality tends to get lost in the transition). It’s more to do with whether Matt likes the aesthetics.



    I for one am tired of pastel blues. Any midnight blue coders out there? and if so, plz supply a preview. I’d rather not download the whole shitworks only to find out I hate it.



    Someone please point me to the ‘success of the Blogging Pro theme.’ I missed it. :)


    Hi wank, we are fine with whatever they decide to do, as long as we get to see the end goal of having it added to’s listing. I have to admit there is a little prestige in having it listed among less than one hundred other themes as worthy of being a resource for over 800,000 people. Or at least we think thats pretty cool…

    drmike – “We have already had more than 1500 downloads of the Blogging Pro theme from the great readers and supporters of Blogging Pro and it has been less than 48 hours since it was released.”



    i don’t really get it?:V



    I believe that the creators and/or fans of this theme are asking for it to be re-coded to run here on Does that answer your question?



    Of all the themes that I have been searching, browsing and using, This is my favorite and the one that I’ve been searching for a very long time since I got involve myself into blogging. At first I found the previous theme which wasn’t widgetize. I was very disappointed. But then you released the latest edition with widget ready. I’m filled with joy. I have one suggestion, instead of the normal search bar, maybe you could change it so it can be used with google searchbar for adsense publishers.



    Of course, adsense is not allowed at, so it is irrelevant.


    Hi i have insatlled latest widget ready Blogging pro theme for my blog and it lokks great!
    I have one issue with it, the search option not working for my theme. Can you please tell me the possible reason and any workaround?



    That is not a blog, so we won’t be able to help you; this is covered in the thread at the top of the forum marked “Read Me First”. You need to be at

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