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theme language....

  1. hi :D

    i have mono-lab theme, ok my blog is not self-hosted (it was easy to do what i want....)... its but is there any posibility to change the language of the theme, because i want to write instead of "read more" to write in romanian...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can customize the "read more" wording.

    Custom Read More Message

    To customize the message, simply add a space after <!--more, and turn it into something like this…

    <!--more But wait, there's more-->

    see here for details:

  3. What does changing the language from the "Dashboard >> Settings >> General" does it change more than the control panel? Does the <- Read More -> tag also get changed?

  4. Moreover, if you see other phrases untranslated in your theme, you can collaborate in GlotPress.

  5. Very good. Of course because the OP can customize the words, it will be an immediate "fix" for what he/she wants it to say…

  6. @ auxclass
    The Read More tag isn't for translation, I think. But you can write anything instead "read more", as 1Tess said.

  7. The problem is i wanted to translate the word read more, and as @ludusnaturae sad you cant translate it, i wanted to translate that word in one place and all the words "read more " in all posts to change in the same time.... but is not posible...

    Yes! @1tess there is an option like you sad but you must change it to all posts

    sorry for my english its not verry good :) i understand but writing its... a little bit difficult

    Thanks for your support!!!!

    i will let this topica 2 days more open and then: RESOLVED

  8. @ludusnaturae: i made now some transaltions :D

    Salutări :D

  9. @adrianmladin
    happy blogging!

    Glott Press →→ Romanian→ read more

    (move to translation forum from themes)

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