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    I’m interested in buying a premium theme, Delicious Magazine, but I will only do that if I’m sure I will be able to translate fixed headings like “Home”, “Spotlight”, “Latest News”, etc, as in, for example, Delicious Magazine Theme.

    Is this possible in WP.COM?

    The blog I need help with is



    The blog linked to your username has been deleted. Which blog are you referring to? Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question? Also will you please tell us which language you are asking about?



    You’re right, sorry, that was the old name for my blog, that’s now under this URL:

    I prefer to keep the old url linked to my userid for now, because I still have some issues on it that I will have to address here, in another post.

    I’m asking for Portuguese – Brazilian (PT-BR)



    Thanks for returning and responding. We Volunteers don’t have access to premium themes or any knowledge of how they are designed to operate. However, Theme Staff will be available to assist you in this thread tomorrow.



    Thanks timethief, I’ll keep waiting for their word on this.



    You’re welcome but do note that it’s not likely that Staff will be available to assist you until tomorrow.



    Sure, timethief, my waiting won’t certainly exclude my usual hours of sleeping, and neither should yours, as well.

    Anyway, thanks for stressing that point.



    You’re welcome. I didn’t want to leave you hanging around waiting when I knew help would not likely be forthcoming until tomorrow.



    Good morning timethief.

    I’m currently in touch with Woothemes staff (thru their site) and they are already addressing this issue.

    As soon as I get something, I will get back and post their findings here.

    Thanks once more.



    Sorry if I seemed to bypass you, but once they have a test environment where you can play around with their themes for free, it was natural getting in touch with them directly.

    As soon as I get something I’ll get back and post it here.



    I confess that I’m really disappointed with the way I was treted by Woothemes staff:

    MAR 19, 2012 | 10:19PM CAT
    Ryan Ray replied:

    Ahh, since you’ve bought your theme through they have their own forums for support. Please do post or search for your problem there, our ninjas pop over and help out there as well.
    Kind Regards,

    Ryan (Community Manager)

    This Ryan that names himself Manager just don’t read my messages.

    I still didn’t buy the theme, I was still testing it in their own trial environment, so … shouldn’t they be able to answer my question?

    I’m really upset with the way this guy answers my questions.

    I’m 47-years old and he talks to me as if I was one of his fellow chidren.

    Now I don’t know what to do.



    Today I received an email from Woothems staff appologizing for the confusion and the way they handled my request.

    They also, and finally, told that the translation requirements I asked would be up to WP.COM, because once the them package is delivered to WP.COM, they can



    They also, and finally, told that the translation requirements I asked would be up to WP.COM, because once the them package is delivered to WP.COM, they can’t do nothing about it.

    Appologies accepted, I made the following suggestion to them:

    So, once you deliver a theme package for WP.COM, it’s up to them – and only to them – the way they handle it.

    Which is perfectly reasonable, since the framework WP.COM is theirs.

    As far as my computer science knowledge goes, I kind of suspected that this would be the answer you’ll be giving me, which is perfectly fine to me.

    And it’s exactly because I know that WP.COM is probably much more difficult to change, that I enlisted a few requirements in terms of translating this theme.

    Actually, I would add that the “Latest News” and “Continue Reading” labels are the top priorities, since they represent the most visible impacts for non-english speakers.

    Now, I wonder: why don’t you guys, knowing about WP.COM lack of flexibility, deliver your themes keeping in mind that not only english users may want to buy them, but also, non-english users?

    This would mean, regarding Delicious Theme, adding two fields to the options pannel, the same way you already do to the “Spotlight” label, in the sub-featured section:

    1) The blogroll heading section label (which today is fixed with “Latest News”);

    2) The button label (which today is fixed with “Continue Reading”).

    Wouldn’t it be easier for you guys to implement these small changes, instead of burdening WP.COM with the mission of implementing a certainly bigger change that would apply all themes at once in their framework, just to allow some minor changes in third-party themes to comply with localization requirements?

    In my humble opinion, I think that localization requirements should be addressed by theme builders, not by WP.COM.

    But maybe I’m missing something, and adding two simple fields to the already existent options panel represents a huge implementing effort.

    Nevertheless, think with care about this.

    Best regards,


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