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    I’m asking because I have no idea if this would be genuinely useful as opposed to ‘Oooooooooh pretty’. The latter is nice but serves no purpose.

    As more themes come along and people ask instead of just clicking and seeing, but also to maybe identify what might be nice given current choices, how about a theme matrix?
    A side-by-side feature comparison of every theme.

    If it really would be something useful, I’ll put one together. I can’t decide if it would or not…….



    That would be helpful though it might get a little bit difficult to maintain? Are you thinking of doing some database stuff (to allow search “show me all themes which support X”) perhaps then to be able to click two & say “side by side comparison” would do.

    Oh hang on, that’s probably a bigger job.

    Yeh a matrix would be a good start!



    A database is too complex for me :)

    I’m thinking themes down the side and then columns along the top:
    similar to that. The ‘where’ and ‘how’ comes later, the ‘will it be useful’ comes now.



    *chuckle* I’ve thought of doing one…. :)

    Along with everything else on my plate.

    Maybe we should open up a thread for reviews and descriptions within a standard form and have others submit them.

    Something like that would work.



    Proforma for themes – a sticky maybe?
    Sounds very good indeed !

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