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[Theme Modularity Lite] margin between galleries

  1. The user forsterb claims in the german forum there must have been a change in the way Modularity Lite handles multiple galleries in one post.

    There must have been a change in the margin between the galleries within the last two to three weeks. Before that the margin between two galleries was the same as between the pictures in a tiled gallery. Nowadays there's a margin of 20px.

    .tiled-gallery {
        margin: 0 0 20px;

    The user wants to know why this has been changed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's the gallery's CSS code causing this but nothing has been changed recently. If you want images closer to each other you can put them in the same gallery.

  3. First, I took more than one gallery, because I only can affect the order of the images in a gallery, but not their size and adjustment.

    Small example: Say, I have 4 images, 400x300. If I pack them in one tiled mosaic gallery, they are shown as this.
    | | 2nd |
    | 1st |-------------|
    | | 3rd |
    | 4th |

    But I wanted this
    | 1st |
    | 2nd | 3rd |
    | 4th |

    So I took some galleries instead of one. But now there is a margin between these galleries.

    (Gallery in another than tiled mosaic mode is not a alternative solution, because it does not what I want, and because the example above is only an example.)

    Second, a few days ago the galleries were shown as described by "iqatophie" above, there was no extra margin, so some changes must have done, if not in the theme, then somewhere else.

  4. Oh man, I cannot show a ASCII graphics here.
    I hope you nevertheless see what I mean.

  5. Have you also tried reordering the images inside the gallery? Dragging and dropping the images while editing the gallery allows you to reorder them.

  6. I know, that I can affect the _order_ of the images in a gallery.
    But I cannot affect size and adjustment of images in a gallery.
    To avoid this "restriction", I tried to use multiple galleries instead of one single gallery.

  7. The size of the images in a tiled mosaic gallery are automatically determined. Reordering the images is the only way to change the generated format.

    You do have some size control when using a normal gallery:

  8. OK, that was new to me.

    I experimented a bit with the size parameter, I tried values "medium" and "thumbnail". But the results are not what I wanted.

    So I have to stay at my "workaround" with more than one gallery, to put up with the margin. What a pity.

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