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Theme: Monotone, Gallery Pictures and the Attachment page

  1. herrdebonnaire

    So, my theme is Monotone, right? I recently discovered the photo gallery, enabling me to post more than one picture on the page, in the form of a gallery... in the gallery options menu, you have the option of selecting, when you click on the photo, for it to go to the picture enlarged, or for it to go to the attachment page. When you click attachment page, and click the picture, it takes you to page with the title of the picture, as the post's title, but no picture is dipslayed, only a comment box.

    Is there anyway for one to click the picture, have a picture enlargened, AND the ability to write comments on the individual picture?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Monotone will ONLY allow for one picture per post. It's just the way the theme is built. If you've managed to get multiple thumbnails in there you are ahead of everyone else, but I'm afraid I don't think we can help you from here. You're out in front.

  3. herrdebonnaire

    Well, if you upload several photos at one time, and instead of inserting them into the post, just go a few menu clicks to the right to Gallery and in ( ) it will have the number of pictures you just uploaded, and then you can insert them into a gallery, I found out. Just as panaghiostisadam links to...

  4. @Zac: As to your original question, that seems to be a problem of Monotone. In any other theme you could "click the picture, have a picture enlargened, AND the ability to write comments on the individual picture" - although not in that order: if you select the attachment page option, you get a page with a comment box, and if you click on the image in the attachment page, then you get the full-size original. Also note that in some themes you get previous and next navigation tabs or thumbnails in the attachment pages.

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