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Theme "moves"

  1. After trying out several themes I found that the "Pool" theme would suit best for my blog. I noticed that when I visit a new page, for example the default About page WordPress automatically creates, the table in which the theme is built moves slightly to the left. When I visit the blog / main page again, it moves back, slightly to the right. I'm wondering if this can be fixed?

  2. What browser are you using?

    Staff has stated that theme bugs should be sent in via feedback. That way a ticket gets created and a staff member will be sure to look at the issue.

    Just make sure you give them specifics.

    Hope this helps,

  3. I'm using Firefox but I loaded it in Internet Explorer and I had the same problem.

  4. Since your name isn't clickable here, do you host your own site? If so, then try asking here at the forum too:

  5. @plucko
    Please be sure you follow drmike's advice by sending in a feedback. :)

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