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    I’m trying to setup a blog for my wife on my domain. I’ve installed wordpress, and it seems to be working. However, the theme I’ve uploaded and selected under presentation(sweet-blossoms-1001) doesn’t appear when I go to the blog:

    The contains text and blog data, but no color or pictures.



    This forum is only for those with blogs hosted by Those who have downloaded the software form have their own forum. If your wife’s blog is self hosted then you’re in the wrong forum. In that case, here’s where you should be



    Aren’t you sweet though. Doing that for your wife. :)

    To answer you question though, what wordpress thinks your url is is incorrect. Open up thte page source in your browser and take a look at the url for the style sheet. The ‘x’ within your domain name is being encoded for some strange reason.

    http: //deidrean.13&_#215;

    edit: Underline and space added to URL to get it to show up.

    You’re still going to have to go over to the other site for a solution though as that shouldn’t be occuring. But you do know what the cause is now.

    Good luck,

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