Theme Not Displaying Correct Sizing & Position. LOST.

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    So, I just signed up for the Custom Design feature, and originally was using the Bueno theme. When I changed the Font using TypeKit, the sizing and position of the sections of my blog went haywire. I tried simply changing the theme (now I’m using Oulipo,) and the same issue persists. Below is a screen shot of what it’s looking like:

    Can anyone please help me?? I’m a noob at this. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the site please so that we can take a look at it.



    Sorry, here it is:

    I figured out how to fix the sizing and placement issue,but now the post’s “author” section in the Bueno theme is not in the right place. Thoughts?


    First off, please go to settings > reading and set your site to display only 3 posts per page. You have so many images it will take me forever just to get your site to load on my anemic wireless internet connection.



    Okay, it’s ready to go.


    You have copied and pasted the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window. At we cannot do that or it messes things up. Go to the CSS edit page, delete everything in the CSS edit window, make sure the “add to existing…” button is checked and then click “save stylesheet.”

    Then when you are ready to make CSS changes, you add only the specific selectors, and only the specific declarations you are changing or adding. See this post by the CSS guru, Devblog, about how to do CSS here.


    Also, CSS is theme specific. If you change themes, before changing you have to remove everything from the CSS edit window and save the stylesheet (with nothing in it) so it returns to the standard then you can switch themes. You then have to do any changes you want on the new theme on the CSS for that theme.



    Fantastic! I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve misunderstood for the last three hours, and you’ve gone and solved it in minutes. Thanks for the help; I’ll be reading up on that post, as you’ve recommended.


    You are welcome.

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