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    Good evening my blog is not having hosting and not having domain. I want it to stay free. Does this theme Olsen work for me? Thank’s. Gianna

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Gianna,

    Olsen is a premium theme. A custom domain is not required, nor is a paid plan, but the theme must be purchased in order to use it, as described in the Premium Themes support page.




    That is, without the Premium or Business plan it would have to be purchased. The Premium Themes support page says:

    On a site with the Premium or Business plan, you can switch to any premium theme at no extra cost, as many times as you’d like. Without a Premium or Business plan, premium themes may also be purchased individually.


    Thanks musicdoc1, can you confirm that without premium or bisness plan I can only buy themes from the wordpress site? because it seems to me that the “upload theme” button is valid only for those who have a paid plan. I understand right? Thanks in advance


    With a free plan you can only activate any free theme or Premium theme (if you buy that particular Premium theme) at
    With a Premium plan you can activate any free or Premium themes without further payment being required.
    With a Business plan or eCommerce plan you can upload pretty well any “wordpress” theme found on the Interweb to a hosted site. Some themes may be free, others you’d need to purchase directly from the theme developers.


    thanks themagicrobot, after paying the theme what are the steps I will have to do? does the theme purchased in the wordpress theme library activate itself? Thanks in advance . sorry for my english, i’m writing from italy :)


    Your English is excellent. Yes. It will replace your Twenty seventeen theme.


    Thanks a lot themagicrobot and all the others who answered and helped me. Now I understand everything. Good day



    You’re welcome, Gianna. Ciao! : -)

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