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    I would like to use the font Swingdancer from my Adobe Typekit but I’ve been unsuccessful. I wish to only use Swingdancer for the name of my blog, no where else (as I did with the theme I just upgraded from.) I’ve published (and republished) my Typekit but I’m not getting any results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Should have included:

    This is my latest CSS attempt:

    header#masthead {
    	font-family: '.tk-swingdancer';



    Hi, Try this selector instead.

    #masthead h1 a {
    	font-family: '.tk-swingdancer';

    Thanks, mrdirby. That doesn’t seem to work, either.


    In the Typekit Kit, there should be some CSS instructions that will tell you the right CSS to use. It will look something like this:

    You can also figure it out by looking in browser dev tools when the font is being loaded. Here is an example I got from just now:

    If you update your CSS to this, it should do the trick:

    #masthead h1 a {
    	font-family: "swingdancer-1";

    Cute font and font name. :)


    Hello designsimply! Your instructions are great and THEY WORKED! Thank you! I love the Cloudup sharing. Thanks a million!


    Thanks! Cloudup is totally awesome. :)

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