Theme preview and customiser not working?

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    For the last week or so I’ve been unable to use both the theme preview and customiser functions, as on both the page disappears from the screen completely after 1-2 seconds. Previously all was fine and the problem persists on three different computers; after caches and cookies have been cleared, and across all browser platforms.

    Is it just me, and if it is can something be do resolve the problem?

    many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is


    There have been quite a few threads on this over the last few days. I can’t tell if there is one ‘master’ thread that’s being monitored or not.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not just you though, but I’m not sure what the common connection is.

    Try searching or scanning some threads and you might find something that works for you.


    Ah, thanks – I’ll do that now!



    Hi halfpastthehour, can you let me know for which of your sites you are having the issue? Does it work with one and not the other? Also, can you go to and let me know which browser you are using?




    I was referring to problems in respect of; I’ve now checked and whilst customisation seems to work on that site the live preview for themes doesn’t.

    I’m running Chrome but the problem persists on IE and Safari too, and on both MAC and Windows OS’s.




    Hi halfpastthehour, could you try again and let me know if it works for you now?


    No change, sadly.



    I’m sorry you’re still having this issue. Just to make sure, can you please emtpy your cache and cookies and then try again?

    Browser Issues


    Tried that and still no joy!



    I’m sorry you’re still having problems with this. So, to recap, the issue you’re having is that the Theme Preview (that you can get to by clicking on “Live Preview” for any theme here for example) doesn’t actually give you a live preview, correct? Yet you are able to use the Customizer for that same sight, correct?

    Can you describe what happens when you try to do a live theme preview?

    Also, can you let me know which browser version and Operating System you are using? To be certain, you can go to, which will detect your browser version.


    Richard, I’m happy to report that both the customer and live preview functionality have “returned”! In both cases, the page will load initially before the screen then goes blank; however, the page now reappears after 3-4 seconds whereas it wasn’t reappearing at all when I first raised this topic.

    Thanks for much for your support.


    Hi Richard

    Love your title “Happiness Engineer” by the way!

    I’ve got the same problem as well
    I’ve disabled all plugins and have made it barebones.
    really frustrating to say the least!

    This is the screen shot

    and this is my computer settings

    Thanks for any help Richard!



    Hi Alex,

    I don’t know what would cause the issue that you’re having; have you tried re-installing WordPress? You can do so by going to the Dashboard Updates screen:

    If that doesn’t solve it, since this is for a self-hosted site, you’ll have to ask for further assistance on the suppor forums here:

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